Shoes That Make You Taller – Are They Just Uncomfortable Stilts?

People have almost always been on the lookout for shoes that make you taller. There isn’t very much people can do about their height even when they are still growing during their childhood, adolescent, and very early adult years.

  • At a certain ill-defined but very real point in young adulthood, pills to make you taller are not going to work, the growth plates seal, and people are stuck with the height that they have reached.

Basketball Shoes That Make You TallerHowever, people can still make themselves appear taller with the right footwear. Still, it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

People cannot simply walk around on stilts or footwear so uncomfortable that they might as well be wearing stilts.

  • It’s important to find footwear that is going to be comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis and that is not going to make people look awkward.

Shoes That Make You Look Taller

1. High heels

Women have been wearing high heels for a long time in order to make themselves appear taller.

  • High heels actually did not start out that way. The original high heels worn centuries ago were used in order to help people hold their feet in horse stirrups more effectively, and they were certainly worn by men.

However, today, high heels are usually coded as feminine, and it is difficult for men to wear them psychologically in some cases.

  • High heels do make women look taller, but they have their own consequences. For one thing, it is difficult for women to walk around with high heels for long periods of time.

Shoes That Make You Taller For WomenMany women struggle to walk in high heels, and they have a difficult time avoiding foot problems after days of walking around with high heels.

High heels can cause knee problems over time, because they distribute pressure onto a person’s knees.

There is a skill to walking with high heels, and it takes some time for women to pick up that skill. Some women never make it that far.

While there is some pressure on women to be tall, it is more socially acceptable for women to be petite or average-sized in this culture.

  • As such, many women feel that they can get away with wearing flat shoes even if they are quite short themselves.

Having long legs in proportion to one’s overall height is considered good for a woman and good for men. However, many women also do not feel the same pressure to be tall as many men.

2. Elevator shoes

  • Many people have described elevator shoes as the male alternative to high heels, and this may be the case. Elevator shoes do not look that different from most of the standard shoes that men wear.

Shoes That Make You Taller For MenHowever, they do have broad and elevated heels in the back. Most of them have a boxy shape that manages to disguise the elevated heels in the back, making it less obvious that men are trying to augment their height.

Nevertheless, the trained eye is going to recognize the effect one way or another.

People never know who is going to have a trained eye and who will just accept the elevator shoes.

Some people object to elevator shoes, saying that they are not stylish and that finding appealing elevator shoes is difficult.

Nontheless, they do work to make men look slightly taller. They are also rarely used enough that people are not all necessarily going to recognize them on sight. It is possible to wear elevator shoes with business suits without anyone noticing.

  • Still, the height increases with elevator shoes are typically modest. It is difficult to add more than two inches or so with them.

These will help men who are close to being tall anyway, but they are not going to give men the five-inch increases that will truly make the difference for petite individuals.

3. Athletic shoes

People who set out to make themselves taller are going to need a consistent set of shoes that will make them look taller, including athletic shoes. Some people might want to have taller shoes for tryouts specifically.

  • Getting basketball shoes that make you taller or Nike shoes that make you taller might help a lot of people when it comes to actually playing basketball and other sports as well.

For some sports, and increase in height really is about practicality and not just aesthetics.

There is a reason why all basketball players are tall and why even the moderately tall people end up losing to them in tryouts, and that is not all about aesthetics.

Brand Name Shoes That Make You TallerMost of the basketball shoes that promote height will usually have very thick soles. They are not going to have elevated heels in the manner of high heels or elevator shoes.

  • As such, the height augmentation is much more subtle. Still, it is not practical to wear them on a regular basis for many people.

It should also be noted that people who constantly wear different types of shoes in order to increase their height are going to draw some attention to themselves in the process, because the different shoes will increase their height at different levels.

Do Roshe runs make you taller? Yes. However, the height augmentation is often obvious and not always practical.


Shoes that make you taller do exist today. Plenty of them will even be comfortable and stylish.

However, people who wear these kinds of shoes will need to wear them consistently in order to minimize how obvious it might be to the people on the outside.

High heels are effective, but they can actively damage a person’s body. Elevator shoes are effectively, but the height gains that men can expect are going to be relatively minor and they are going to come in an unattractive package.

  • Lots of athletic shoes offer a height boost that could actually help a person’s sporting performance, but this boost is primarily important in the field of athletics.

Yet for many people, the gains in height will always be worth it one way or another, and they will be happy to take what they can get.

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