Leg Lengthening Surgery – Is It Really Worth The Pain?

There’s no doubt that leg lengthening surgery is fast becoming a popular type of cosmetic surgery. This procedure actually sells like hot cakes because short stature kills psychological well-being.

  • Thankfully, this operation can add some 2-3 inches into your current height, although it does cost an arm and a leg to undergo it.
  • Not only is this surgery very costly, but the patient will also be required to undergo the pain of having their legs broken.

But is it worth it?

You need to find out.

This is what happens:

Leg Lengthening Surgery ResultsThis painful surgery used to be practiced on dwarfs or children with uneven limbs.

Nevertheless, today it seems that both men and women are willing to brave up the pain purely for cosmetic reasons.

  • The procedure is very long and arduous. The surgeon breaks your bones in order to insert a telescopic rod inside them.
  • The telescopic rod will then pull bones apart approximately 1mm each day. This happens in tandem with the healing process.
  • As the bones widen, the body regenerates new bones, nerves, tissues, and skin in order to occupy the empty space left behind.

The lengthy process should be complete in 3 months. You’re supposed to achieve between 2 to 3 inches of height thereafter.

But then, you will also need several months of physiological care in order to recover completely.

As for the leg lengthening surgery cost, you should know that this operation is only meant for people with big pockets.

  • This surgery will cost you $85,000 in the U.S. Some people, however, opt to travel to India to have this surgery performed on them. It is apparently cheaper to have this cosmetic surgery done on you in India.

Most patients who go for this surgery in India come from the US, Europe and China. These are people who typically can’t afford the high cost of having this operation performed in the U.S.

Leg Lengthening Surgery Complications

Leg Lengthening Surgery ComplicationsDon’t think that one can undergo this surgery without risking some complications in the aftermath.

Most patients who go for limb lengthening surgery are people who have decided to overlook the disadvantageous side in favor of the positive side.

  • They would rather look good in a few months than maintain their present state and risk no complications.

Therefore, if you still want to have this surgery performed on you, you should learn what the operation is likely to cost you as far as complications are concerned.

The following list will highlight what you’re bound to encounter when you go for this surgery:

-Considerable pain

-Infection at the site of the screw/wire

-Neurovascular complications


The Painful Bit Of It

If you choose to go for this surgery, rest assured that you will deal with excruciating pain in the aftermath of surgery.

  • You should also take note that doctors will never prescribe anti-inflammatory painkillers since they are likely to inhibit bone growth.

So it’s very likely that you will regret your decision of going for this type of surgery in the first place.

Infection at the site of the screw/wire

Other than having to deal with pain, there’s a likelihood of developing infection at the site where screws and wires are inserted.

  • Again, when infection gets into the equation, your predicament worsens. You might end up spending more to treat the latter.

Neurovascular complications

Neurovascular deterioration/compromise can occur after surgery, and the consequences can be severe if not treated in time.

  • There’s a significant risk of this occurrence leading to a permanent deficit, loss of a limb and sometimes death.
  • It should also be noted that these complications mostly show up several weeks or months after the surgery has been performed.


Your bones might end up becoming brittle or fragile due to loss of supporting tissues. This condition usually arises from a vitamin deficiency or hormonal change. But it can also arise from this surgery as well.

  • Other real complications may include nerve damage, hip damage, uneven lengthening (so that you have crooked legs), and finally paralysis.

Leg Lengthening Exercises

Leg Lengthening Exercises At HomeWith that being said, it should be in your best interest to seek natural alternatives to increasing leg height.

But are there natural exercises that can help you achieve this goal?

Definitely yes!

  • You might consider stretching your legs with ankle weights to lengthen them in the process.
  • Simple exercises like sprinting or cycling also increase length of legs.

These exercises increase micro fractures inside your legs which ultimately lead to more growth in the bones.

Secondly, the entire center of gravity rests on your two legs. If you sprint or exercise your legs in any way, they will definitely respond to the resistance by growing more muscles and bones to accommodate the increased demand.

  • So it emerges that any exercise that encourages these things to happen will be beneficial.

Leg Lengthening Surgery Results

Whereas the dangers of going for this operation are very real, people can still realize significant results with it.

  • Most patients who go for this type of surgery have been reported to increase their height by up to 3 inches taller.

But above all, they’ve also been reported to recover from low self-esteem or confidence issues.

  • Because they are now taller, they are able to feel better about themselves. Their relationships with others also thrive because they don’t look down upon themselves.

If you are 4 foot-11, you might consider aiming at 5 foot-2 when undergoing this surgery. However, if you’re already this height and still have a feeling of slightly increasing it, your doctor may decline to perform it due to a number of complicated issues that might arise in the process.

So the bottom line is that this surgery works, although it works with sweat and blood.

So, What’s Next?

5InchHeightGain ecoverLeg lengthening surgery is only for the brave and those who don’t mind the cost and the complications mentioned above.

  • Nevertheless, if these things are a major impediment, then you still have an all-natural option to increase your leg height.

This natural solution to increasing your height are stated in the 5Inch Height Gain Guide. The good thing with going natural is that you will enjoy results without subjecting yourself to the tortures that come with surgery on the leg.

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