How to Naturally Grow Taller Using an Inversion Table

Get Taller With Inversion TableUsing an inversion table is one of the easiest ways to help individuals who wish to grow taller by some inches.

There are so many brands of inversion tables in the market.

This means that nothing should deter you from increasing the chances of getting the height you will feel comfortable in.

  • This is especially very important to individuals who cannot just commit themselves to working out every day without losing interest along the way.

The process tends to act against the strong effects that gravity has on your body, more specifically, the spine.

The cartilage is flexible and elastic in nature and therefore, it is more susceptible to the forces of gravity which causes it to decompress.

Which in return leads to height loss or slow increase in height.

  • You can grow taller using an inversion table because the vertebrae are decompressed and this therefore means increase in height.

The following are basics you should know on how to use an inversion table for growing taller and just basically how it works.

1. Get Professional Advice

Just because you have read many testimonials from individuals who have been able to increase height using this method doesn’t mean you should go buy yours immediately.

First of all, it is important to understand that there are different medical conditions that can make the use of an inversion table deadly.

  • This for instance includes heart diseases, diabetes, eye problems, and pregnancy.

This is so because the process involves staying in an upside down position for a significant amount of time. Therefore, consult with your doctor first.

Additionally, it is vital to know how the process works and how it will help you grow taller.

  • Also, know the best brands available and make the best decisions in your purchase.

A high quality inversion table will result into better height increase results.

2. How an Inversion Table Works to Help you Grow Taller

Does An Inversion Table Help You Grow TallerWhen lying in a relaxed position on this table, you allow your body to get inverted to even 180 degrees and this means that gravity will work in reverse.

So how does laying on an inversion table help you grow taller?

Well, when you allow your body to lie in an inverted position, the knee caps and spine tends to stretch and this is why you would hear someone say they grew an inch taller.

  • Additionally, it helps the cartilages to grow stronger and this is important to help them support the stretching joints.
  • This therapy also helps create spaces between the vertebrae and this makes you grow taller with repeated use of the inversion table.
  • The procedure helps realign the spinal cord which is the main factor behind growing taller naturally.

Watch Video Below: Grow Taller And Get Rid of Back Pain Using An Inversion Table

3.  You Get the Right Posture

  • Bad posture, which involves slouching for a long period of time, causes the neck and upper vertebrae to bend and get out of alignment.

The surrounding muscles also get compressed and this will in return make one look shorter than they really are.

If you have a bad posture and someone keeps telling you that you are growing shorter, believe them, it might be true.

Getting your vertebrae back to the normal position could be difficult especially if the compression is so severe and the muscles have become tight and thus difficult to loosen and stretch.

  • However, you should not worry about this because there is one best method that could solve this problem and this is through the use of an inversion table.

Grow Taller Using An Inversion TableAs mentioned earlier, it tends to decompress and realign the spine which in return will give you an upright position and this will make you grow taller or regain your lost height.

  • Nevertheless, for the results to be permanent, you should also always observe good posture practices to avoid further bending of the spine.

4. How to Use the Inversion Table

  • First of all, adjust the table to be 3 inches taller than you.
  • Slowly rest your body on the table pad and be sure not to let your head hang over the edge.
  • Adjust the safety straps and set the angle you feel comfortable to start with and this is crucial to beginners but you can increase it as you get used to the usage.
  • Place your feet on the footrests and then push yourself backwards slowly as you also relax your body.
  • Once you are in the inverted position, stretch your back and slide the shoulders backwards.

You can now relax in that position for as long as you can provided it is not for more than 15 minutes.

You may also want to perform stretching exercises while in that position to help increase the time you will take to get taller with inversion table.

This will help relax and stretch the spine while at the same time causing the cartilage to grow thicker.

  • Repeating this procedure every day will help you grow taller and improve your self-confidence.

So, does an inversion table help you grow taller?

Inversion Table ExercisesThe answer to this is yes as explained by the points above.

If you want to grow taller faster and you are ready to do anything for as long as it is natural, you can also add simple stretching exercises in addition to the usage of the inversion table.

  • The results of using the inversion table will only be permanent if you observe a good lifestyle that helps promote growth in height.

This for instance involves wathing what you eat. Avoid junk food and eat a balanced diet rich in minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium and other important nutrients.

In addition, get enough sleep and this will not have to be a struggle because the inversion table helps to improve the quality of sleep which in return allows your muscles to relax.

Ensure that you lie on the inversion table 2-3 times a day with so much commitment if you want to grow taller faster.

This will also come with other benefits such as increased energy and blood flow, relieved stress, treat back pain and improve heart function.

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