How To Increase Your Height Fast, Sounds Impossible?

Today we are going to take a look at how to increase your height. Even though you might have heard that this is a close to impossible mission, there are actually factors that you can manipulate to a certain degree in order to become taller. Naturally Increase Height

It’s true, scientific research has outdone itself in the current world as a solution providing tool.

This goes especially to most problems or conditions which might not be easily curable or controlled.

There are aspects of our life, especially our bodies that are normally deemed embarrassing.

Most of them for the better part traumatize their bearer who may think they are not in a position to change a thing.

Some of these challenges include body features, those that even corrective surgery cannot easily change…

In this case we will be addressing height.

How long we measure standing up translates into different perceptions in various societies.

Many people want to reach a desired height, for different reasons. This could range anything from professional requirements, i.e. basketball players, fashion models, drivers, soldiers etc. or just to feel more self confident and attractive.

  • A lot of people with this issue are not willing to surgically increase a bone or two in their vertebra. This may be well understood due to the post surgery side effects i.e. aging and speculation should something go wrong.

So, what solutions does research offer on how to increase your height?

If you are the person that believes there is some way a certain height can be achieved while keeping surgery as a last resort, keep reading.

How to Increase Your Height Naturally

As much as height is in most cases a genetically predetermined feature, it can actually be changed.

  • Yes, height can be increased by a person who is genetically short.

First and foremost you will need to change your diet. Your body acts and reacts on the command of hormones, and only healthy food will give you the right enzymes which in turn boost the Human Growth Hormone.

  • These foods include milk, eggs, turnips, nuts, beans, spinach, oats, and most cereals. Most of these food are rich in Calcium, which is vital for cartilage and bone growth/development.

Getting enough sleep is also very effective as we tend to grow more while we are asleep.

  • The better the quality of sleep we get the more our growth pattern rises.

How To Increase Your Height After 18

How To Grow Taller After PubertyPuberty is the speculated window in which the growth hormone is most active and also where most people get their grown-up height.

If this does not happen for you during and even after this period, you can still grow taller. The key is to increase and sustain the Growth Hormone so that it continues with its role even after puberty.

Try to eat less carbs and more food rich in calcium before going to bed. This ensures that insulin does not inhibit the growth hormones activity while acting to turn your food into sugar, fat or energy.

  • You can also aid by increasing the protein portions and keeping them at an all time constant even during the day.

At the end of the day, this is the only trigger that will cause your growth pattern to rise, the more growth hormone the more you grow.

  • Try to maintain a healthy weight or lean body, this can be explained by the fact that we tend to be shorter with a higher body mass and taller with a lower body mass.

How To Increase Your Height Fast

There is no way you can fail to exercise, especially if you want quick results. If your height cannot be explained by genetic variation, you may have hormonal imbalance.

  • Exercise will on most occasions boost our immune system and in the process correct these imbalances.

You can also boost growth speed by stretching your body, for example; reaching high, holding onto a bar and pulling yourself down or swinging on the weight of your body.

Shin bone lengthening is yet another method that is guaranteed to make you taller, in other words, stretching.

Make stretching a habit because there is no way something will not happen without a reason, that is why you need to give your bones a reason to grow by applying environmental stress.

Also, if you need drastically quick results, a safer and quicker way; though expensive, is to have a processional induce the Human Growth Hormone in your system.


As much as our height pattern is a subject of dictation by genes, there are as we have discussed here, proven and guaranteed methods  and procedures for growing tall.

  • All these need consistency, practice and follow-up.

The trick is to simply apply stress on your bones, while providing the right materials and conditions as triggers for the growth hormone.

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