How To Increase Your Height – 5 Quick Ways To Get It Done

How To Increase Your Height After 20Knowing how to increase your height can be an important long-term investment. Taller people can actually enjoy various social advantages.

  • Many individuals simply feel better about themselves when they’re taller.

Sadly, a lot people are under the impression that they have no control whatsoever when it comes to their height, and that they more or less are going to have to stick with whatever nature has to offer them.

No one can do anything about their genetics, but there are environmental factors that can make a big difference when it comes to height.

  • Dietary factors, certain types of exercise, and different types of surgery and medication can all make a big difference for the people who are trying to increase their height.

Increasing Your Height Quickly

  • It should be noted that increasing your height very quickly is going to be difficult at the best of times.

It takes some time to form the bone and muscle mass that people are going to need when they’re trying to increase their height. In addition, the body can only form those tissues so quickly.

However, when it comes to how to increase your height 2-3 inches within seven weeks, the most important thing is laying down the foundation for that size increase.

1. Surgery

Obviously, when it comes to how to increase your height fast, the easiest shortcut involves major surgery. The recovery time of that surgery is going to be longer than a few weeks in many cases.

Still, people can certainly add three inches or more to their heights through leg-lengthening surgeries. When it comes to how to increase your height by 6 inches, leg-lengthening surgeries are often the best.

  • Nevertheless, many people are not interested in absorbing the costs, emotional or otherwise, of a leg-lengthening surgery like this.
  • These kinds of surgeries are expensive, and many people find even the thought of them unsettling. Many individuals are better off trying to find a way to grow at a more gradual rate.

2. Growth Supplements

There are hormonal remedies that people can take in order to increase their height. These supplements can at least speed up the process somewhat.

  • They’re still not usually going to work in a matter of weeks, which is what some people are going to want in order to feel as if the process is moving fast enough. However, these kinds of hormonal supplements can still speed up the process.
  • People should only get these available through prescription, because taking hormonal growth supplements in the wrong dosage levels can actually be dangerous for a lot of people.

Nonetheless, the individuals who follow the recommended growth regimen should at least manage to give themselves a better chance of getting taller.

Increasing Your Height As An Adult

How To Increase Your Height By 6 InchesIt’s a common myth that people don’t grow after eighteen. In fact, plenty of people can have massive growth spurts between the age of nineteen and twenty-six.

  • People don’t grow past their mid-twenties, which is around when the growth plates seal. Knowing how to increase your height after 20 can help you make the most of these remaining growth years.

3. Adequate Nutrition

Adults should be careful about their diets and exercise schedules if they want to increase their heights. It’s important to avoid dieting during this stage.

The body needs enough energy in order to facilitate the growth process in the first place. Some young people are stunting their growth by dieting too early in life.

  • People can keep growing into their twenties, and far too many young people get fixated on dieting at this age. They try to fight hunger pangs that might actually relate to the body’s growth process.

Since taller people tend to have an easier time staying slim than shorter people anyway, people who are concerned about weight loss should consider the costs and benefits associated with being a very young dieter.

4. Vitamin Supplementation

The nature of a growing person’s diet is important. People need to consume enough zinc, vitamin D, and calcium in order to facilitate the growth process.

  • Vitamin D and calcium are important for the formation of new bone tissue. Children who don’t get enough zinc often have problems with stunted growth.
  • People who are trying to increase their height need to take supplements related to all of these nutrients.

Getting enough protein is also important. The body mainly only uses carbohydrates for energy. Getting enough fat is important for growth as well, since fat is a component of cellular membranes.

However, protein is the most important macro-nutrient for the sake of growth and development.

5. Exercise

How To Increase Height By 5 InchesGetting sufficient healthy exercise in the first place is essential for the adults who want to increase their height.

  • Aerobic exercise can help people strengthen their bones and other tissues, especially exercises that are relatively high-impact.

People need to keep themselves healthy in order to grow, and exercise can help them accomplish that in many different ways.

  • However, specific exercises can help. Adults who do toe-touching exercises are going to stand a better chance of giving their muscles the flexibility necessary to achieve more growth.
  • There are also hanging exercises that involve hanging from an overhead bar and stretching out overhead, and these can help people in the same way.
  • Some people have even gotten good results from skipping rope exercises.


People who are trying to increase their height really can do so, and it will be easier the earlier they start. Diet and exercise can make a difference, particularly when it comes to getting adequate nutrition and supplementing with calcium, vitamin D, and zinc.

  • People can use the right stretching exercises and bone strengthening aerobic exercises to give themselves the best chances of increasing their height.

The individuals who are trying to figure out how to increase their height very quickly might need to opt for leg-lengthening surgery, which can be a very real option for the people who want guaranteed and tangible increases.

  • However, hormonal remedies provide treatments that are not as drastic but that are also scientific in terms of how they can tangibly cause height increases.

Increasing your height is often a difficult process, yet still absolutely possible if you follow this step-by-step blueprint.

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