How To Grow Taller Fast – Can You Do That?

How Do I Gain Height FastIn life, no one wants to be referred to as ‘shorty’ or even be looked down upon by tall people.

Many people, especially teenagers do feel frustrated when they don’t get to be tall like their best friend or another family member.

While nutrition and exercise play a big part in helping one to grow tall, the major factor that contributes to one growing tall is genetics.

  • Height is an important factor in life as it helps to boost one’s confidence as well as allow one to have better relationships and engage in different activities.

Below Is How To Grow Taller Fast

Have a goodnight sleep

The first tip that will help to increase height fast is having a goodnight sleep. Research has shown that in order to increase your height by 2 to 3 inches, you need to sleep 8 to 11 hours every night.

  • This is because having a good night sleep helps to secrete the human growth hormone.

The hormone is responsible for the growth and regeneration of tissues when you sleep. To ensure that you are able to secrete the hormone at high levels, you need to avoid eating for 2 to 3 hours before you sleep.

This is because it interferes with the secretion of HGH.

  • Another thing you need to do is to ensure your sleeping area is pleasant and relaxed.

Perform exercises

Exercises That Make You TallerAs one of the steps of how to grow taller fast, how to grow taller naturally requires one to perform different stretch exercises.

  • Stretch exercises have been found to help with lengthening and straightening the spine therefore improving one’s height.

This is because when you exercise, you work the discs located between the vertebrae through stretch exercises.

Some of the stretch exercise you can do include the cobra stretch, pelvic shift, table stretch exercises, calf stretch, the bridge, the yawn, the straight leg up, touch toes and chin up bar hanging.

  • These exercises are simple to complete and one can perform them at home or in the privacy of their office.

Proper nutrition

If you are looking for the secret of how to grow taller naturally, then you need to know that proper nutrition is the best way.

  • The human body relies on foods for different nutrients and minerals which are used for the growth and development of the body.

Vitamins, protein, carbohydrates and minerals like potassium and calcium contribute towards better growth.

Keep in mind: here is no single food that contains all the nutrients required by the body.

  • This means that one needs to consume different foods. Protein rich foods include poultry, lean beef, eggs, avocados and fish.

Natural Height Increasing FoodsRich sources of vitamins include oranges, apples, spinach, kales, nuts and seeds.

There are specific nutrients that help you to grow taller and they include:

a. Calcium which helps to strengthen the bones and the teeth. Dairy products and green vegetable are rich sources of calcium.

b. Vitamin D; this helps the muscles for children to grow as well as the bones. Deficiency of the nutrient leads to stunted growth.

c. Zinc; a deficiency of the nutrient has been found to contribute to retard growth in youngsters.

Few foods are rich in zinc therefore the need to supplement. Foods rich in zinc include peas, eggs and peanuts.

Practice good posture

From a young tender age, you need to start practicing good posture order to gain height fast.

Medical specialists discourage one from rolling their shoulders or hunching over as this affects the curvature of a growing spine.

  • It is important not to slouch especially when you are walking or when you are sitting down.

Before doing any activity such as walking or sitting down, you need to make sure that your spine is perpendicular to your body.

What you need to know is that a good posture will help you to grow taller fast. When you slouch or stunt your upper body, you increase the chances of poor spine growth which contributes to you looking shorter than you friends.

Effective breathing

  • Effective breathing is one of the best steps towards how to grow taller fast.

Breathing To Grow TallerWhen you ensure that sufficient oxygen is brought into the body, it will help to stimulate growth.

The muscles as well as other organs require oxygenated blood which is rich in oxygen and other useful nutrients.

The oxygen helps the muscles and the bones to grow fast, therefore assuring you of getting tall.

  • You can practice deep breath sessions where you take a deep breath and allow the air to fill your lungs for 5 to 6 seconds. Slowly release the air out and repeat the exercises every day.

Final Thoughts

While tall people do not like to be asked the question; “How is the weather up there?”; every person wishes they were tall.

Being tall not only increases your self confidence and self esteem but it assures you of many chances to engage in different activities like sports.

In order to grow tall, there are several steps you can take.

  • Proper nutrition, performing stretch exercises, effective breathing exercises, practicing good postures and a good night sleep are some of the steps that will help you grow taller.

So, what are you waiting for?

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