How To Grow Taller By Hanging Upside Down

There are many biological, physical and environmental factors which contribute to your given height. The average American man is 5ft 10, the average American woman is 5ft 5.

It is a basic human fact that unless you are of Amazonian stature, you will wish you could be taller.

So can you actually grow taller by hanging upside down?

Hanging Increase Height At Any AgeThis article is going to explore how to grow taller by hanging upside down, the best hanging exercises to grow taller (and other activities you can do to increase your height).

First things first, yes it is possible to grow even after you have stopped.

So, does hanging increase height permanently? Only if you exercise regularly to maintain the extra height you gain from stretching and hanging.

  • On a happy note though, hanging can increase height at any age, you can even increase your height if you are over 21.

One of the keys to increasing height is exercise.

To be more specific stretching. Research has shown us that gravity plays a very large role in compressing spines and joints, squeezing cartilage and contracting muscles, all contributing factors to our diminishing height.

Logic says then, if you want to counter gravity you have to hang (well not counter, rather beat it at its own game and harness its pulling powers).

  • So find a set of bars, hook your knees over and hang. Maybe only stay there for a few minutes as all the blood will rush to your head and might make you feel unwell.
  • Being inverted though will most certainly help stretch your back and the vertebrae. Measure yourself before hand and afterwards to see the difference!

Hanging upside down isn’t the only way you can increase your height by stretching, read on for more top tips and tricks.

1. Hanging Exercise To Grow Taller

Hanging Exercise to Grow TallerHanging the right way up will work just as well, if not better, than hanging inverted as you are less likely to pass out this way.

Gravity still works on your body in much the same way as inverted hanging will. Just make sure your feet don’t touch the ground and if they do, bend your knees.

  • You will feel the lower part of your body getting stretched as your spine is elongated.
  • Ensure your hands face away from you to maintain a better grip, also try and relax to allow gravity to work its magic.
  • There are no hard and fast rules for how long you should hang for, with practice you should be able to hang for approximately 30 seconds in any one go.

A word of warning though, only hang for 3 to 4 minutes maximum every couple of days as you could inversely affect your muscles and ligaments through over stretching and straining them.

2. Stretching

Incorporating some form of stretching into every day life is not just going to keep you supple and agile. In addition, it will strengthen the muscles that support your backbone and ultimately it will contribute to helping you grow taller.

Try and hold a cobra pose: Lie on your stomach with you hands flat on the floor, under your shoulders. Push your body away from the floor whilst trying to keep the hips rooted down to it.

It will allow you to create a beautiful back bend that resembles a cobra snake. You will feel this stretch opening up every vertebrae in your spine, across your shoulders and through your neck, adding inches to your height.

Remember not to over do it if you aren’t used to the position, as you don’t want to strain your back.

  • For a more gentle stretch stand upright with your arms in the air, elbows by your ears, and try and stretch your hands as high as they will go towards the sky.
  • Stay in this position for between 30 and 60 seconds. It won’t put too much pressure on your spine, but will feel like a lovely all-body stretch. Repeat this exercise up to 6 times daily.

3. Yoga

Lengthen Spine PermanentlyYoga is one of the oldest forms of stress release. Holding stress will inhibit your body from relaxing and stretching and growing.

  • It is known the world over as one of the best ways to maintain a healthy, happy life.

There are many different types of yoga, all focusing on different parts of our body where postures are aided by good breathing practice.

Only through being calm, relaxed and rested will the body take full advantage of the human growth hormones.

4. Swimming

It is well known that swimming can increase your height. Doing breast stroke works best as constantly stretching your arms in front of you will stretch your spine, opening up all of the vertebrae and muscles.

  • You have to practice swimming for a long time to get results though.

5. Sleeping

Getting a full nights sleep is vital when you are still growing. When you sleep is when the body repairs itself and grows.

  • Human growth hormones are produced in much higher volumes when we are asleep so any disturbance or lack of sleep long term is going to have adverse affects on your height.

Remember then that exercise in isolation will not allow you gain height. You have to eat well and you have to rest adequately.

Photo Of Fruits And YoghurGood nutrition is vital as essential minerals and vitamins found in food are required to bring about new growth and to effectively allow human growth hormones to work properly.

A good diet to aid height gain is a one that is rich in calcium-heavy green leafy vegetables and dairy. You will also need vitamin D containing foods too, as vitamin D enables the body to absorb calcium.

  • All of this effort will be wasted though if you don’t get enough sleep. You have to give your body down time and it is only when we are truly in deep sleep does the body repair and restore itself.

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