How To Get a Longer Torso. 3 Imperative Height Growth Factors

Make Your Torso LongerA longer torso could add a leaner, more elegant aspect to your physique, not to mention a few inches in height.

Many people cling to the idea that this just isn’t possible; we do not grow after we reach adulthood. But that’s the old point of view.

The fact is that most adults are shorter than they should be. New research indicates it is not only possible but realistic to expect height increase.

Let’s take a look at the factors involved in how to get a longer torso.

1. Your Body

The bones supporting our spines typically include 24 articulating (moveable) vertebrae and 9 fused vertebrae in the lower back above the tail bone (coccyx).

  • All are separated from one another by discs formed of cartilage. These act as a cushion.

How To Get a Long Lean BodyEach disc is essentially a joint that allows the vertebrae to move. They also form a kind of natural shock absorber for the spine and brain.

It is possible for these discs to increase in thickness.

The growth of our bodies is regulated by a hormone known as HGH (human growth hormone). This is known to increase bone mass and promote tissue growth.

HGH is exuded by the pituitary gland at the base of the brain throughout early life. It is transformed into a compound known as IGF-1 that stimulates cell growth.

  • Production of HGH drops off dramatically after reaching adulthood.

However, there are a variety of substances that are not actually HGH (which requires a doctor’s prescription), but compounds that stimulate the body to produce more growth hormone.

It’s a myth that adults cannot get taller. Growth in children is the result of a biochemical process based on hormones.

By understanding this process and learning how to manipulate it, the 5InchHeightGain program can be used to support height gain in people of any age.

  • Most people see improvement in the first few weeks.

Several different methods are used in addition to helping your body maximize its HGH.

  • One of these methods involves lengthening the spinal column.

2. Exercise

Exercises To Get a Longer TorsoWe can encourage growth by decompressing the discs of the spine.

If you’ve been searching for solutions to questions such as “How to make my torso longer?“, the truth is we don’t give our own bodies enough credit.

  • The potential is already there. Good nutrition and the proper exercise can help to decompress and elongate the spine.

Here are a few common exercises you can do at home.

Just remember that quality is better than quantity in stretching.

  • Observe proper form and hold the stretch for a few moments to get optimal benefit.

Abdominal Stretch

1.Lay flat on your stomach on an exercise mat or other comfortable spot.

2. Place the palms of your hands flat on either side of your chest with the fingers spread.

young-woman-stretching-adomen3. Keep your elbows close to your sides and push up from the hands as you lift you chest and shoulder, keeping the legs flat.

4. Keep going until your arms are fully extended. Lift your chin and let your back arch.

5. You should feel a stretching over your stomach and abdomen. Hold this for at least as long as it’s comfortable.

  • You’ll be able to hold it longer with a little practice.

The Bow Pose

  1. Again on your stomach, bring your hands back along your sides and raise your feet toward your buttocks.

2. Try to grasp around the tops of your each foot with your hands.

female-doing-the-bow-pose3.  Arch your back and lift your chest and shoulders off the mat. Use the tension between hands and feet to hold the pose for at least several seconds.

4. If this is too difficult, you could also do this by standing on one foot, bracing yourself against a chair or table, and using your free hand to curl the opposite foot toward the base the spine while arching your back lightly.

  • Do this with both the left and right foot.

Side Stretches

man-doing-side-stretches1. Stand straight with your feet close together.

2. Raise your right hand over your head next to your ear, and bend toward the left. Keep the back straight and the belly muscles taut.

3. Keep reaching to your left until your torso forms a “C” shape. Hold this for a few seconds.

4. Return to a standing position and do the same thing with your left hand reaching overhead to your right.

Ball Wheel

young-woman-doing-ball-wheel-exercise1. Ge a large exercise or “stability” ball. Sit toward the top front of it with both feet flat on the floor.

2. Raise you hands above your head. Lie back slowly until your back is bent over the ball, but your head and hands hang loosely.

3. If necessary, widen your feet or use your hands to steady yourself.

  • Hold this for at least 30 seconds before coming up again.

Strength Training Will Stunt Your Growth?

young-man-lifting-weightsThis is a myth. Weight lifting or other forms of muscle-building exercise can actually improve your growth.

  • Lifting weights increases production of HGH. Any form of rigorous exercise improves the production of essential hormones and increases bone density, as well as conditioning and strengthening the muscles that support our joints.
  • As for the idea of being “muscle bound”, regular stretching and other forms of dynamic exercise will reduce any tightness of over-worked muscles.

By following the plan of 5InchHeightGain exercises to get a longer torso you can maximize your growth.

The health benefits of regular exercise and adequate nutrients on the body are well known. By taking the best care of yourself physically, you’ll get the best results.

These elements can work together to increase your confidence and overall health. This leads to a more positive outlook on life.

3. A Proven Method

“I have a long torso.” This optimistic outlook can become a reality through sticking with a proven method.

  • Most of the growth programs out there involve a lot of chatter and pills that don’t really seem to work.

5-inch-height-gain-bookThe 5InchHeightGain plan is oriented to lay out a clear, practical, easy-to-follow program to get you started immediately.

  • This program is designed to get results. It builds a sense of excitement at the realization that you can finally gain a few inches through a longer torso.

Anyone of either gender, even those advanced in years, can achieve results through the discoveries behind this program.

Scientific Formula

Do you get a longer torso with the 5InchHeightGain formula?

The vast majority of participants do get exciting results. This program is 100 percent safe and backed by medical professionals.

  • This proprietary system is based on recent breakthroughs. No other growth program has been perfected to an exact formula by scientific methods.

Most growth programs are dependent on unproven “theories” that seem more like guesswork than fact. 5InchHeightGain was scientifically developed and proven before it was made available to the public.

Growing taller is not only possible, but almost inevitable when all the right conditions are in place, both internally and externally.

  • This involves both the proper exercise regimen and a scientific process that approaches the problem from several angles.

The 5InchHeightGain formula has solved the puzzle of how to get a longer torso. This is now the preferred solution that’s already helping many people find renewed optimism and confidence in their lives.

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