How Does Posture Affect Height?

Today we are going to take look at the way our posture affects our height, and how poor posture can ‘steal’ away several inches from your actual height and make you appear far shorter than you in fact are.

Anytime folks want to grow taller, most of them prefer doing particular exercises. Others prefer to increase their growth hormone levels.

While these two options are great and can actually help you grow taller, many people fail to understand the important role posture plays in increasing or reducing height.

So how does posture affect height? Does slouching make you shorter?

How Does Posture Affect HeightYour spine contributes to roughly 80{c3126b2107fd0d3fb1b6d952d3743cdf8e0f485c8db97831f81a2955b2f60d7d} of the overall height. This simply means that ‘slouch’ and bad posture harms your height potential.

  • Fortunately, posture is easily correctable. When you do it correctly, you’ll definitely straighten out the spine. Potentially, it can add several inches to your height.

While your spine might be responsible for more than 80{c3126b2107fd0d3fb1b6d952d3743cdf8e0f485c8db97831f81a2955b2f60d7d} of the overall body height, after many years of sitting and lying in bad positions, it can severely harm your height.

  • The same applies to carrying around weighty backpacks at school.

Here are some of the postures that can be handy at helping you grow taller:

#1: Sitting

According to experts, the human body wasn’t tailored to seat for extended periods. Sadly, most of the current busy and professional schedules demand that one sits for long hours.

Unfortunately, sitting on your chair on the wrong posture for many hours affects our height growth.

  • Therefore, it’s highly important to check on how you sit on a chair at your work place.

Does Slouching Make You ShorterThe best sitting posture to increase height is by allowing your body to rest completely on the lower area of your body.

  • Do you work on your computer for long hours or are into reading a novel?

You need to sit with the bone bended slightly forward as the legs remain on the ground. A great way of releasing pressure is by changing the position of your legs at regular intervals.

#2: Sleeping

When you’re asleep, the body tends to revitalize itself. By sleeping properly, you’ll facilitate your spine to align in a healthier position thus allowing you to grow taller.

  • Additionally, it’s highly recommended that you avoid using high pillows since they tend to obstruct your breathing as well as tire out your neck.

#3: Standing

Many people work in jobs that demands they stand for a longer time. If you’re one of these people, then you must learn how to stand properly.

  • Proper standing posture means standing on your leg firmly while lightly on the other. Ensure that you keep on changing the pressure of every leg.

By doing so, you’ll definitely be able to split the pressure on one leg. Therefore, you’ll manage to keep them relaxed.

#4: Sitting exercises

Does Fixing Posture Make You TallerSitting exercises can also be handy at making you grow taller.

  • To do the exercise, you must sit on a seat on an inclined position of roughly 45 degrees from your head to toe.
  • After that, stretch yourself using a pillow to support your butt and back.
  • Next, straighten your hands to be parallel with the thighs.
  • Remain on that position for roughly 10 minutes.

Just that simple exercise will help to not only strengthen your spine but also relax your leg muscles and neck muscles too.

The second sitting exercise that can help you add your height needs you to sit in a straight position on a chair.

  • Once you’re in that position, you need to raise your legs by making sure they’re perpendicular to the stomach.
  • Next, bring the legs towards the stomach in such a way that they press it.
  • Remain in that position for approximately three minutes. As you do that, ensure that the foot is straight on a horizontal position.

By doing these two exercises, you’ll definitely be able to minimize the extra fat from your stomach. It also helps you strengthen both your knees and lower back.

#5: Swimming posture

To be specific, backstroke swimming is great at lengthening your spine. This type of swimming entails stretching your arms in front, as you kicks your legs backwards.

The sitting and swimming exercises are quite helpful since they assist you to make correct postures. In the end, you’ll definitely grow taller.

  • However, when it comes to certain exercises, it’s prudent that you perform them under the supervision of experienced and trained instructors.

Does fixing posture make you taller?

In addition to boasting many other health advantages, fixing posture definitely helps you grow taller.

  • Poor posture has a tendency of stressing the respiratory system through crowding of the heart and lungs.
  • It might also bring with it swelling of the legs and pelvis because it exerts pressure on your circulatory system.

Bad posture can also cause structural deformities, which lead to moderate-mild pain.

Yoga Postures To Increase HeightLastly but on more serious is the fact that bad posture increases the risks of osteoarthritis. It heralds the early start of degeneration.

It’s quite clear that there is more to bad posture than just denying you that height you’ve always desired.

You must therefore make sure that you do your best to avoid any situations or places that will cause you to be in a bad posture.

  • By doing that, you’ll not only be able to enjoy the benefits highlighted here, what’s more is the fact that you’ll avoid many of the health problems discussed.


One of the main reasons that a good number of fitness experts are concerned about posture is because it’s related to height.

  • Round shoulders or a hunched back not only make you shorter literally, they also make you appear short.

The above primer was highlighting the relationship between height and posture.

Clearly, posture plays a big role on the height of an individual. To ensure you don’t suffer from height issues, it’s important to ensure that your postures are appropriate at all times.

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