Foods That Make You Grow Taller. Do You Want Some?

Being tall has advantages and perks. From enabling you to become a model like Tyson Beckford  or plucking a fruit on a tree.

We who are short and not blessed with height admire and long to be tall, we ask ourselves how we can increase our height.

Are There Any Foods That Make You Grow TallerIn this article we are going to discuss foods that make you grow taller.

The lists of foods that make you grow taller are as follows:

1. Proteins

Proteins are generally body building foods hence if you want foods that make you grow taller fast you need to add proteins to your diet.

  • Fish and poultry meat are an exquisite source of protein containing higher serum levels of IGF-1 that is associated with reducing bone fractures and increasing bone mineralization.
  • Soy foods though have a low IGF-1 levels. Protein rich foods like eggs should always be supplemented with calcium rich foods as calcium increase bone mass density.

IGF-1 is vital in the longitudinal growth of your bones as it stimulates differentiation and proliferation of chondrocytes in the epiphyseal plate hence you must always make sure your diet has adequate proteins in it as it is essential in bone formation.

Proteins are crucial in the adjustments of calcium-phosphate metabolism that is vital for natural bone mineralization and skeletal development during growth and puberty.

  • Some of the proteins you need to add to your diet during puberty are eggs, milk, yoghurt, turnips, peas, beans, peanut and oatmeal.

What Foods Help Growth In HeightEat at least 3 eggs a day as they will make you grow taller as it is a food that makes you grow taller during and after puberty. They’re an awesome source of protein.

  • If you worry about cholesterol content, you can consume Omega-3 eggs.

For milk, make sure you take 2 glasses of milk daily as it is exceptional for building your bones and also increases the mass of your body cells.

It is vital for you to take foods that make you grow taller and has nutrients that focus on the growth of your bones and increase your height.

  • Milk abundantly contains calcium that is vital for bone formation.

Another magnificent food that makes you taller faster is yoghurt. It contains proteins plus it also has calcium and vitamin D. Yoghurt makes you grow slim and also makes your skin grow and glow.

Turnips boost growth hormones in your body hence making you grow taller after puberty and also during puberty. It is effective in aiding height gain.

  • Add some fresh turnip juice to your diet so as to increase your height.

Another source of proteins is peas, beans and peanuts. This one of the best foods that make you grow taller fast. The protein nutrients help optimize and stimulate the growth hormones in your body.

  • In case you are allergic to proteins, you can consume beans or peas instead.

Oatmeal keeps your heart healthy. Apart from it being an exquisite source of protein, it is also an amazing source of carbohydrates hence it increases your height profoundly.

In addition, it helps in getting rid of fat from your body and also increases the mass of your body.

  • Take oatmeal daily, sit back, relax and watch as your height increases.

2. Vitamin D

Foods To Eat To Grow TallerVitamin D is vital for the use and absorption of phosphorus and calcium by the body. It is essential and vital for the health and formation of cartilage, teeth and bones hence it aids in increasing your height and makes you taller.

Peak bone and cartilage mass is usually achieved by the age of thirty, hence obtaining the right and correct recommended doses and amount of vitamin D and calcium in puberty and young adulthood, will ensure and guarantee peak bone mass.

Vitamin D Sources

There are 2 forms which are D2 and D3.

  • D3 is produced within your body when your skin is exposed to sun rays.
  • Dietary vitamin D2 can be found naturally in sardines, salmon, halibut liver oils, cod oil, mackerel and egg yolk.

Vitamin D2 can also be added to some foods like fortified margarine in the UK and fortified milk in United States of America.

Spinach has also been found to contain vitamin D2 that makes you grow taller like in the Popeye the Sailorman Stronger.

It also helps in the growth of bones, muscle cells build up, growth of brain cell and the overall functioning of the body especially if you are in puberty.

  • Spinach can be taken raw in salad or cooked.

3. Vitamin K

For the formation of healthy bones and clotting of blood, you need vitamin K.

  • Vitamin K maintains the normal health of your bones.

It is produced by organisms in our intestines and it is stored in the liver. It can be obtained from leafy green vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, Brussels and spinach. It can also be obtained from rapeseed and soybeans.

4. Minerals to Help You Grow Taller

Photo Of Tall Guy Looking DownOne mineral that is essential in bone architecture and formation of bones, is calcium.

  • It is required and essential for deposition of bone mineral. Ninety-nine percent of calcium in the body is stored in teeth and bones.

Calcium Sources

Dairy products of calcium such as yoghurt, cheese and milk. It can also be in sardines with bones, tinned salmon and some green leafy vegetables like calcium-fortified foods, kales and broccoli.

  • Rhubarb also contains calcium that makes you grow taller fast. It also stimulates growth hormones. It can also be cooked or taken raw.


Zinc is a micro mineral that is essential in the growth of bones and it is one of the foods that makes you grow taller.

  • Zinc is needed in small amounts and it is needed in the diet daily.

Zink Sources

Pumpkin seed, dairy products, chicken, baked beans, pork, beef and oysters.

5. Carbohydrates and Fats

Carbohydrates are the main and prime source of power of our bodies. Carbohydrates is one of the foods that makes you grow taller quickly.

Carbohydrates Sources

  • Carbohydrates can be found in many foods both natural and processed.

Drinking carbonated drinks and beverages, such as soft drinks is very essential if you want to add inches to your height.

  • It is vital that you don’t take to many sugary foods as they can be unhealthy to your body.


Photo 5 - Tall Guy WalkingThe above list is the list of foods that make you grow taller faster both in puberty and after puberty.

  • These foods are easy to be found and cooked, some of them can be consumed raw.

It is essential that you take some of the foods with moderation as some of them, like sugar, can be unhealthy if taken in large quantities.

  • If taken in the right amounts and quantities, you notice that you will grow fast and exponentially, especially calcium rich foods.

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