Exercises To Grow Taller. It Pays Off To Walk Tall!

Exercises To Grow TallerAre you looking for exercises to grow taller because you’re worried about your height?

Well actually, you should be kind of worried!

Studies have proven that taller people:

  1. Make more money

  2. Get promoted faster

  3. Are more respected

  4. Listened to more often than not

  5. Tall people are generally more successful overall

However don’t despair. Today I am going to show you easy to do exercises to grow taller.

  • This may sound farfetched to you right now. However, even in the 1920s and 1930s, strongmen were already doing exercises that made them taller as well as more muscular.

This idea filtered into the public venue via Pulp favorites like “Doc Savage“, who was once shown to increase his height by 6” to impersonate a criminal mastermind.

Other Pulp heroes followed suit and in real life, short men became giants by using courses that were sold at ridiculously low prices by today’s standards.

Well, today I’m going to share the exercise secrets of how to become taller. It is definitely possible and actually a lot easier than you might think.

  • When you are finished reading this article, you will be able to add height to your life.
  • And who knows, you might just find yourself adding inches faster than you ever thought possible.

Who can do these exercises?

Not so surprising, people of all walks of life can benefit from these exercises.

There are:

  • Exercises to grow taller during puberty
  • Exercises to grow taller after puberty
  • Exercises to grow taller at any age

Exercises To Grow Taller After PubertyThis gives anyone the chance to change their appearance and not only make a splash at the pool or beach where most of the practitioners of this art used to strut their stuff.

Now you can do the same, before going into that all-important sales meeting or when addressing the board.

You may be meeting someone you want to impress as well, for whichever of the countless reasons for adding inches to your height.

WE are not here to dwell on the whys, instead, let’s dwell on the hows, okay?

Yoga is thought to teach flexibility but it can also add height at any age. Yoga is not often thought of an exercise system for gaining height.

  • However, it is a universal system and some of Yoga’s simple moves can pay off with big dividends if you want to gain height.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself either a good Yoga teacher and if that isn’t possible then use a book.

Here we are in luck because one of the best is back in print and available from Amazon both in hardcopy or eBook formats.

Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha“, is considered a classic and is now in its 4th printing. Written by the people who know Yoga inside and out, Swami Satyananda Saraswati has now passed on the torch to others to continue the work of spreading Yoga around the world.

  • However, you only need to use a few of the many exercises illustrated herein for your height lengthening goals.

The First is the classic Half Lotus position. This exercise corrects posture problems as well as makes you taller.

  1. Sit in a relaxed cross-legged style and then bring one leg up over the other and allow it to rest on your thigh.
  2. Next, breath in while stretching your arms over your head toward the ceiling. This expands the chest and lengthens your spine.
  3. Breathe out slowly as you lower your arms and repeat for 10 cycles.

Not only will your legs tone but your spine will gently lengthen as you continue doing this exercise over time.

Exercises To Grow Taller At Any AgeThe next exercise is another favorite of Yoga practitioners and is called the Cobra stretch. This pose or Asana also lengthens your spine and strengthens your chest shoulders as well.

  • Lay prone face down and slowly exhale while raising yourself up, bending backward at the waist.

More advanced versions have you raise your legs as well so your feet touch the back of your head. However, this is more in line with someone who is flexible or who hasn’t reached puberty yet.

Nevertheless, many who are in their 50s have achieved this as well.

There are plethoras of other exercises that will also do a similar job at helping you gain extra inches.

The Sun Salutation is another and can be a simple forward bend that stretches everything from ankle to calve and up through the spine to the neck and shoulders.

These 3 exercises should get your started, and if you want to learn others the book I referenced to earlier has a compel series suitable for everyone who wishes to gain height.

  • Depending on your age, you can start at beginner or move up to advanced. So whether you are young or old, you will be able to follow along and gain inches in height.

Pilates: Become svelte and taller at the same time

The easiest of these exercises is just hang by your arms from a bar for 1 – 5 minutes. You’ll find you can gain 1-3 inches in just one session. This is an impressive number for a first time use of a simple exercise.

  • Another is to take the large Pilates Ball and lean over it backward.

This too will add inches to your height and is perhaps worked into by people after puberty. But once you get into the swing of things you will find rocking forwards and backwards is also beneficial.

Pilates can be learned from a book or an instructor as well with the “Complete Idiots Guide to The Pilates Method” is a favorite.

Another one of the exercises for gaining height is the Pelvic tilt.

  • Here you lay with you back flat along with your feet and your knees pointing to the ceiling.
  • Now gently tilt the pelvis. This exercises muscles you’ve forgotten you have, loosens the spine and adds height to boot.

Again, you can devote your life to Pilates as Yoga but if you do either system, you will gain measurable results in just a few weeks to a few months time, depending on your desire and the amount of effort you put forth.

Finally, a method that appears to many as pure magic

While it is not considered an exercise per se, “The Alexander Technique” has changed many an ugly duckling into a beautiful and graceful swan.

  • We want to focus however on a single part of the Technique and you will enjoy this as it requires almost no effort on your part at all.
  1. Lay on you back in a similar manner to the Pilates pelvic tilt mentioned earlier.
  2. But now add a little height to your head with thin books or a cushion until you feel a feeling of release.
  3. This is the position where you head and neck are aligned with the rest of the spine.
  4. Your feet touching the floor turns on sensors in the body that tell the body you are standing. This turns on the muscles that are responsible for keeping us upright against gravity.
  5. With the force of gravity gone, your spine lengthens appreciably, and it is not uncommon to get an increase of height of 2 or more inches in a single visit to an Alexander Therapist.

In case you want a short and very informative explanation of the ways The Alexander Technique will benefit you, be sure to watch this video by Yoga instructor Joan Arnold:


If you would like to learn more, Sarah Barker’s website outlines this technique further.

Barker teaches you how to use your body for total energy. So you have a win-win situation as you gain in height and energy as well.

Final thoughts

Exercises To Grow Taller During PubertyAs we’ve seen, exercises to grow taller are out there for anyone who wants to get a leg up on the competition for a better job, promotions, and more money.

You can use a variety of methodologies to achieve this goal: Pilates, Yoga, and the Alexander Technique all have exercises that will add inches of height and without wear and tear on your body and spirit.

  • In fact, in most cases people’s overall health improves when they embark on a journey with any of these 3 systems.

So now, the ball is in your court, as you have to decide which system you will want to use to help you reach your goals.

  • Though to be truthful many people alternate between all three as when combining them results appear to take place quicker than by just following one path.
  • That is why all three with outlined for you today to introduce you to the various methods that are proven to give you those extra inches that nowadays means so much on your personal “Bottom Line.”

Use one or all three, the choice is yours.

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