Does Basketball Make You Taller?

Some people are going to raise the following question at some point: does basketball make you taller? There certainly seems to be a correlation between playing basketball and having a towering height.

  • Some people might end up debating about which way the correlation runs.

When addressing this idea, it is important to keep in mind the causal factors behind getting taller in the first place.

It’s also worthwhile to consider how certain factors feed into one another.

1. Stretching can cause a slight increase in height.

How Do Basketball Players Grow So TallMany people want to know: how do basketball players grow so tall? Some people might ask if jumping makes you taller. Jumping itself is not going to make a person taller.

However, the act of training for jumping, which can include stretching, can help someone become taller functionally.

People tend to underestimate just how much height they can lose by constantly slouching.

Individuals who have poor posture and people who have not really allowed their backs to stretch can end up losing inches from their natural heights.

  • Those who train for basketball are often going to reverse some of these trends. Some find that they’ve become taller after starting a basketball training regimen.
  • This training regimen allowed them to get back the height that they unintentionally lost by not exercising certain muscles.

Obviously, stretching and training will only cause slight increases in height. However, for a lot of people, an inch or two is more than enough.

2. Dietary changes in training can promote a height increase.

Some professional athletes find that they get taller as they start to modify their diets. Obviously, this is only going to matter for athletes that are very young.

People might ask: does playing basketball increase height after 20? Yes, you can actually get taller after the age of twenty, which is an arbitrary deadline for physical growth.

Plenty of people will grow throughout their twenties. Adolescence can continue well into a person’s twenties. However, it does wind down as people get closer to thirty and pass thirty.

Photo Of a Healthy Meal For Height GrowthA person needs a lot of energy in order to grow. Some people will put themselves on growth-stunting diets voluntarily today out of a fear of weight gain.

  • Very young people do this now, and this can have a negative effect on growth.

Individuals who are in training for sports are often going to eat more so they will have enough energy to compete.

  • Competing in sports can help to give people an alternative to falling into the dieting way of life, since many people will get enough exercise when they compete that they will focus less on weight.

This can also give them more energy for growth. Many of the same dietary changes that help to promote a person’s athletic performance will also promote physical growth.

Increased protein, vitamins, and minerals like calcium can make a person a better and a taller basketball player. In this regard, basketball is correlated with an increase in height, even though they are not directly linked.

  • If basketball helps people ditch dieting and eat more, then it is probably also going to help them grow more during some of the most crucial years.

3. Basketball players focus on height.

Does Playing Basketball Increase HeightSome people are going to prioritize growth more. People who are short might not even bother to try basketball. This is a sport that really does depend on certain physical characteristics.

  • Lots of very tall people are good at basketball with very little effort anyway.
  • People who were already tall are often going to be drawn to basketball as a matter of course. It’s a sport that takes advantage of a strong characteristic of theirs.

Some basketball players might get distressed if they’re not getting taller on schedule or if they don’t grow past a certain point.

This is going to cause them to put more effort into growing in any way that they can.

  • They might start a nutritional regimen that will contribute to their growth patterns more.
  • They might avoid habits that are correlated with growth-stunting, such as dieting.
  • They also might engage in behaviors that support muscle mass and an increase in bone density, which can help growth occur.

In this regard, it seems that there is a positive feedback loop emerging. Tall people start playing basketball when they are very young. They might get taller than they would otherwise because of the habits that they adopt as a result of playing basketball.

Height is largely genetic, but it is partly influenced by lifestyle. It is also possible that lifestyle factors can influence genetics, which is the idea behind epi-genetics.

Jumping Makes You TallerThe basketball height growth situation is complicated. However, it demonstrates the fact that genetics, lifestyle choices, and personal habits can influence one another in a way that has a profound effect on a person’s future.

For the most part, playing basketball is only correlated with height. People need programs like the, because it can make a huge difference with that.

Diet has a huge effect on growth. Lots of the historical variation in height can be attributed to changes in diet.

However, training for basketball can have a complicated enough effect on a person’s health that it can also indirectly change their bodies in other ways.


People who are interested in getting into basketball for the first time are often going to have the same question: does basketball make you taller?

  • Lots of people want to be really tall, and they are going to want to seek out a lot of different solutions that will help them reach that height increase goal.
  • It should be noted that there are real solutions, and people do not need to limit themselves to indirect strategies of achieving more growth.
  • People who are in their twenties or younger can still often grow more, since people will grow at different rates and at different times.

The stretching associated with basketball training, the dietary changes that people will make when training for basketball, and the combination of habits that basketball players will have can promote growth.

However, for the most part, it is not really the sport itself that is causing the changes.

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