Can You Make Yourself Taller? 4 Remarkable Facts

Lots of people ask themselves: “can you make yourself taller”? This question becomes more complicated for the people who are past puberty.

However, even pubescent individuals are often looking for ways to make themselves taller within the right time frame.

  • It should be noted that it is technically possible to increase one’s height through various measures.

Still, it’s a tricky process that gets trickier for people who are past puberty, especially if they are also past young adulthood.

How-To-Be -Taller -Fast-In-a-WeekNevertheless, at least to a certain extent, surgery, stretching, and other methods can allow people to increase their height at many ages.

  • Height is very hard to change, but it isn’t impossible.

Ways To Get Taller

1. Can you make yourself taller with surgery?

So, it it possible to add some inches to your height by surgically lenghtening your bones?

Yes, to a certain extent. The most effective method (but also the most drastic, dangerous, painful and expensive one) of doing so involves surgery, especially for adults who are past puberty.

  • Limb-lengthening procedures are actually becoming increasingly popular. Many of the patients who go for these treatments have dwarfism or a similar medical condition.

However, plenty of patients are seeking limb-lengthening procedures today, especially male patients.

  • One of the most popular limb-lengthening procedures involves breaking a leg bone and inserting a so called limb lengthening rod rod in between the two portions of the broken leg bone.
  • The rod will gradually pull the halves of the bone apart, and new bone tissue and all of the associated tissue will form around the rod.

So, can you grow taller by going though a surgical procedure? Yes. However, this is an expensive procedure. People will pay nearly six figures for it.

  • The recovery time is also very painful and time-consuming.

The individuals who get this procedure are sometimes temporarily physically disabled, and some of them will require additional physical therapy in order to more or less learn how to walk again.

  • It’s an effective procedure when it works, and some people manage to grow six inches. However, they really earned those six inches.

2. Can you make yourself taller by stretching?

Can you make yourself taller by stretchingYes, at least somewhat. Technically, you’re not going to lengthen your bones at all.

However, some people slouch a lot. Having poor posture can make a person artificially shorter.

  • People who do stretches that will improve their posture can add up to three inches to their heights in many cases.

These kinds of stretching exercises will usually involve core strengthening. People will have to do ab exercises and back exercises in order to get their posture back in order.

  • You can’t make yourself taller by moving the vertebrae of your back further apart, of course. Even if you succeeded, you’d really just hurt your back and damage your posture further.

Still, people underestimate just how much of their natural height they lose just because they slouch a lot.

  • Stretching can stop that from happening, and it can also give you a more toned core at the same time.

3. Can you make yourself taller after puberty?

Can you make yourself taller after pubertyYes. You can get the limb-lengthening surgery in adulthood. In fact, it’s a surgery that doctors usually won’t perform on anyone who is still going through puberty.

  • Certain individuals are late bloomers, though. It wouldn’t be ethical to give someone a procedure like that if he or she might still be able to grow naturally.

Some people might be going through puberty later than they thought. There’s a stereotype that puberty ends at eighteen. Legality and biology aren’t really the same.

  • People can continue growing well into their twenties, especially if they started puberty relatively late.

People really have to be around thirty in order to ensure that they’re definitely past puberty.

Still, it’s easier to recover from surgery or do stretching exercises in young adulthood. Middle-aged people will find it harder to develop renewed core strength and a better posture.

Recovering from surgery is also going to be tougher for them. People are often better off trying to get taller when they’re in their twenties or thirties.

4. Can you make yourself taller naturally?

Can You Make Yourself Taller NaturallyPeople should ask themselves what ‘naturally’ means at that point. Doing stretching to increase core strength may not be something that people would have done in prehistory, but it is still ‘natural’.

You don’t need to use any artificial tools in order to get the exercises, movements and stretches done.

  • People who are still going through puberty can try to encourage height changes through diet. Getting enough calories, especially calories from protein, can make a difference.
  • Adding more calcium and vitamin D to aid in bone and muscle growth can also make a big difference. Some people end up with stunted growth because of insufficient diet.

That’s one of many reasons doctors discourage dieting in people who aren’t yet adults. People might consider this to be a natural way to increase height.

Surgery isn’t natural, although limb-lengthening surgery is straightforward. Taking human growth hormone is another common way to treat height problems for pubescent people.

  • While these are naturally hormones, many people would say that the act of taking them is very unnatural. Most methods of making yourself taller naturally are still unreliable, even if they’re there.

So, what’s next?

When Do You Stop GrowingIt is possible to make yourself taller at any age, although you’re still better off doing it well before forty.

  • Making yourself taller during puberty is easier than doing it after puberty, although puberty can last longer than people think.

You can definitely make yourself taller through limb-lengthening surgery, and people do this all the time now.

However, limb-lengthening surgery is very expensive, very painful, and has one of the toughest recovery processes that people are ever going to have after any surgery.

  • You can’t genuinely increase the length of your body through traditional stretching exercises, but you can make yourself functionally taller through improvements in your posture.

Giving yourself more core strength and strengthening your back is going to improve your posture and functionally improve your height.

You can make yourself taller, but it’s hard to do so, and it’s just going to keep on getting harder for the people who aren’t ready to start trying.

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