Can I Grow Taller Even If My Parents Are Short? Yes, If You Do This

It’s human nature, nobody wants to be short. Children inspire to be athletes and models, both require the person to be substantially tall.

Children often wonder how tall they will be as adults. If their mother and father are short, they often ask the following question: “Can I grow taller even if my parents are short?”.

The fact is that genetics plays a major role in a person’s height. Although, there are are ways that a person can honestly make themselves grow taller.

How can you grow taller if your parents are exceptionally short?

Can Short Parents Have a Tall ChildThere are many factors besides genetics that can determine an individual’s height.

While you are unlikely to be 7 feet tall if your parents are only 5 foot tall, there are factors other than genes that contribute to your height.

Height does matter.

Why not do everything you possibly can to increase your own height?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that your health and lifestyle also contribute to the height factor.

Here are ways that you can increase your height by adding every inch possible.

Increasing Your Height Naturally

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can contribute to the tallness factor. While genes definitely play a major factor in determining a person’s height, people often wonder, can you be tall with short parents?

The answer is yes. There are certainly ways that children can be taller than their parents.

Start with your lifestyle and environment. There are many factors there that can increase your growing potential including but not limited to:

• Living in a healthy environment

• No smoking

• Develop a healthy routine

These are three of the main factors that contribute to your height other than family genes. Here we will elaborate on these three ways that you can promote your own growth.

A Healthy Environment

  • Do you ever asked yourself the question “I have tall parents but I’m short”? Or can you be tall if your parents are short?

One factor that can have a big impact on how you grow is your environment.

  • Your environment must be healthy. Especially the environment you are in as a child. You do most of your growing as a child.
  • If you don’t eat right, have poor hygiene, and don’t get enough affectionate as a child it can greatly impact your growing.

This begins clear back to when you were a fetus in your mother’s womb. If your mother smoked, did street drugs, had an unhealthy relationship, didn’t take care of herself, or the baby growing inside of her…

In other words, she placed her fetus in an unhealthy environment. Developmental issues can start as early as this.

  • If you were a fetus in an unhealthy environment, your growing and height could be majorly stunted.
  • Even if your parents are both tall, sadly you could be short.

Continue on to your environment growing up. The same elements apply. A healthy environment, the more productive your body will be.

A poor environment can greatly affect your ability to grow. Even as an adult, the same rules still apply.

If you live in a healthy environment, your body and abilities will thrive. In an unhealthy environment, not so much.

  • Simply, the environment in which you were raised has a major impact on your height and growth.
  • Genes do have the most impact, closely followed by the growing child’s environment.

Smoking Cigarettes

Tall Parents Short SonThis is another important factor in determining how tall you can grow. It is no secret that smoking stunts your growth.

  • It is a fact that teenagers who smoke can be shorter than those who don’t. If you are a teen and you think that smoking is cool.

Think again. It doesn’t do your body any good.

Medically, this is what smoking does to a growing person’s body. First, smoking cigarettes results in the body producing a lower amount of testosterone.

The testosterone hormone is involved in your body’s growth. It’s an anabolic hormone that is in charge of telling the body went to build tissue.

Building tissue means growing. You are decreasing this hormone by smoking.

Another reason proven is that smoking cigarettes raising the carbon monoxide level in your blood. Thus, decreasing the amount of oxygen.

  • Basically, when cells need to be repaired or built to increase your body’s growth potential, oxygen will simply not be able to get to the necessary spots as quickly as they should.
  • Therefore, you will not grow as quickly or as much as you should be.

Simply, smoking cigarettes is bad for your overall health.

This is a fact. Don’t smoke and you will reduce the risk of developing certain cancers and stunting your growth.

Develop A Healthy Routine

Some children have their hearts set on being taller than their parents. So, can short parents have a tall child?

Of course, they can. Genetics does not solely decide your height. Besides living in a healthy environment and taking care of your body by not smoking or putting other unhealthy substances into it.

There are other ways to increase your height potential. For example, you can develop a healthy routine to follow.

A healthy routine includes a healthy diet, exercise regimen, and sleeping schedule.

  • Those 3 parts of a routine work together helping you be and remain healthy. A healthy body has the best possibility of growing.

The way you eat has a lot to do with a potential increase in your height. Your body will not grow at all if your diet is based solely on unhealthy fats and sugars.

  • You have to have the right mixture of protein, vegetables, vitamins, and nutrients. These foods work together to help your body properly develop and grow.

Tall People With Short ParentsIf you just lay around and are not physical active, you can not expect your body to work the way you want and need it to.

Exercising regularly helps your body to grow and develop. Following a consistent exercise regimen will give your body the best possible potential to grow.

  • Your body needs to be strong and healthy in order to renew and grow stronger. Taking care of your body will give you the best chance you have at growing taller.

The final step of a healthy routine is sleep.

Everybody needs to get enough sleep. While you are sleeping your body reenergizes and repairs itself for the next day.

  • If you are not sleeping, your body will not function properly. Therefore, your body will not reach its maximum height growing potential.

Final Conclusion

There are all sorts of things that you can do to grow taller. You no longer have to worry and keep asking yourself: “Can I grow taller even if my parents are short?”

Now, you know you can. There are many other ways to contribute to your body growing taller besides genetics.

If you are ready to do something about your height but want help and guidance. Try the height growth program,

Put these natural factors to use, follow this program and your height can increase naturally. We’ve already explained how. Now, let the professionals help you achieve your ultimate height goal.

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