Can a Height Increase Supplement Make Me Grow Taller?

Best Supplement For Height GrowthToday, let’s take a look at how a height increase supplement can make you grow taller.

Or can it?

As you most probably know, height is one of the most desirable physical aspects of life – an attribute that most people value as both attractive and authoritarian.

Especially in today’s society, in which you can actually achieve any heights of excellence as long as you have enough confidence as a person and personality.

Most people of this age and millennium believe in grooming of a person to be whatever he/she chooses to be.

Height Growth Supplements For Teenagers‘Freedom of expression’ is what is trending. Height becomes an issue, a quality that everybody wants.

  • As you know, some of us don’t acquire it naturally, maybe because of the kind of genetic traits that were passed down to us by our ancestors.

  • Probably, lack of height could resort to a type of lifestyle one grew up in as a child.

However in this world, full of cutting edge technology with genetic modification research comes what people call height supplements that promise to increases your height if you so desire.

How does this work, or does it work at all?

This must be the question in your mind right now. By the time you finish reading this you will probably be looking for your doctor tomorrow morning.

Vitamins For Height IncreaseWhat are height increasing supplements?

The most basic idea of height increasing supplements is the increasing of hormonal activity through the simulation of the hormones by supplements.

Maybe we should start from a lower base.

What brings out growth, in this case getting tall, is a combination of growth hormones, specifically height growth hormones.

The growth happens in the growth plates, where bone elongation occurs and height is actually obtained.

  • The growth plates are actually very active during the childhood years to teenage years.

For different reasons ranging from genetic variation of people in the physical condition that the person dwells in causes the growth plates to close.

What this means is the body normally is not able to gain anymore height after the age of 23.

  • This is the point where the height increasing supplements come in. They are carefully prescribed by a doctor to help rekindle the hormonal production process.
  • Basically, your bones need specific amounts of vitamins and minerals, proteins and growth factors to grow to the maximum height. This is provided by the supplements if you are above the growth age.

Heights increasing supplements for adults

Supplements To Increase Height In AdultsThese kinds of supplements are not readily available in the market as of now. The popularity of such supplements has quite risen in the past couple of years.

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The basic factor of such popularity is because of the age of the users.

The adults in this case are past their natural growth age, but feel that they may need to add a couple of inches to their bodies.

This kind of height increment process in cases of its availability, need the prescription of a doctor.

The reason for this is that people’s bodies are quite different in terms of the bone structure that they possess and the kind of allergic reactions that they may be exposed to.

Adults are more suited to the supplements that actually boost their physical fitness and enhancing performance.

This is because the issue of the use of growth plates is always out of question at this age.

The combination of fitness supplements and exercises like yoga and stretching becomes the key factors for attaining a desired height.

Height growth supplements for teenagers

  • In teenagers, the growth plates haven’t closed yet.

This leaves a chance for the teenager in question to stimulate his/her growth hormones and attain the kind of height desired.

The supplements contain vitamins, minerals and proteins that favor the growth of bones and the bone structure of the body.

  • This is another way of saying that the body, with the newly acquired vitamin supplements can grow, with the little time remaining before hitting maturity and their growth plates close.

This particular group has an upper hand compared to adults while using these supplements, in terms of their ages and the stage of growth that they are in because of the availability of open growth plates.

This means that, while they can depend on a combination of vast activities like games and sports and other exercise with the supplements to grow taller

  • Adults are left to salvage any height gain from their curved spines.

However the adult supplements are probably going to be made sooner than we think. With this kind of technology that we have and the vast research advances, it won’t be long till they find the solutions for this.

Supplements to increase height after 21

The Best Height Growth SupplementsThere are certain supplements available that are acclaimed to increase the height of the users.

A bottle of the grow tall supplement may contain about 30 pills. They are suitable for people between 20-40 years.

Mostly herbal, they are also said to be very safe for use. The mechanism that they work on is not the one about the growth plates we discussed above.

Instead, they actually make your spine flexible. They work in your body to boost your overall physical performance, and help you gain the right posture.

  • Mostly the supplements work differently.

  • There are those which work to stimulate the growth hormones.
  • Also, there are those which work to make the body attain the highest capacity of physical fitness and the strengthening of the spine, neck or shoulders in order for one to gain that upright look and gain more height.

The use of supplements in any case should be based on the age factor, and always with the doctor’s prescription.

This is because, as stated earlier, the reactions in people are quite different when it comes to this kind of medication.

How Supplements work:

  • Bone lengthening and growing taller occurs at the growth plate in your bones.

  • Growth plates are only open during childhood and early teenage years.

  • Around age 23, your growth plates close making further height gains less likely.

Your bones need specific amounts of vitamins, minerals and protein; growth factors to grow to their maximum length (making you taller).

Peak Height provides your nutrient hungry bones with optimal amounts of many nutrients to enhance their growth.

The FDA has approved human growth hormone for use in children experiencing abnormal growth (growing a lot slower than other kids).

This treatment requires a doctor’s prescription and only has effectiveness in children who have not reached puberty.

  • The HGH hormone functions by aiding the body in producing its own hormones.

Some companies market HGH grow taller supplements and cite the information about the medical use of HGH in the children to support the claims for growth.

HGH, however, will not make you grow taller after you have reached puberty.

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