5 Must-Read Natural Height Increase Tips

Natural Height IncreaseMany short people usually don’t like their height because they tend to desire being tall.

Being short comes with different disadvantages such as low self confidence, having to wear high heels all the time to make them look tall, and not being able to easily reach for things that are in a higher position.

There are different factors that affect one’s height and this may genetic or non-genetic.

  • In most cases, people stop growing tall in their mid twenties especially after 25, but this does not mean they cannot do anything about it.

Different organic supplements aimed at helping individuals gain more inches are widely available in the market but they tend to have adverse side effects that may end up affecting one’s health.

However, there are better natural height increase methods which when combined will help you gain significant height without putting your health at risk.

Natural Height Increasing Tips

1. Get Enough Sleep

A good restful sleep is vital in getting your body growing. In order to reach the ideal height, one should ensure that they get a restful sleep for at least 8 hours every night.

  • This is very essential as it promotes the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which helps in growth and development.

Adequate sleep also allows the body to restore the lost energy and this is vital to keep you in good shape and help your organs functioning properly.

  • Therefore, it is important to ensure that you properly manage your time during the day in order to get adequate time to sleep and rest.

Tips To Increase Height NaturallyThe environment should be free of disturbances that may distract your sleep such as noise or strong lights.

Do not take caffeinated drinks because they tend to deprive one of sleep but a good cup of chamomile tea along with a warm relaxing bath could do wonders.

2. Engage in Exercises

Regular exercises and more physical activities is one of the best remedies to a taller posture.

Therefore, in order to promote faster growth, individuals should be physically active and add exercises to their daily routine.

  • Exercises that involve stretching usually improve the muscles supporting the backbone and this makes it to lengthen in a process known as spinal decompression.
  • A physically active body requires more nutrients and this in turn promotes faster growth and height increase especially for individuals past the age of 25.

Some of the exercises to include to the daily routine include stretching, swimming, toe touching, ankle weights, kicking, cycling, hanging exercises, and skipping.

You may also include yoga since it helps release stress and thus promotes faster growth and development.

3. Balanced Diet

It is said that you are what you eat. This statement is very true when it comes to height increase and overall growth.

Failure to eat well will mean that all the other things you do such as exercises will be ineffective.

Eating a balanced diet with no junk food is essential for natural height growth as it ensures the body gets all the necessary nutrients.

  • Ensure you get enough proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, dairy products, leafy greens, calcium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D in order to achieve your ideal height.

Natural Height Growth DietThese foods play a crucial role in promoting production of growth hormones which in return promotes faster increase in height.

As said earlier, there are non-genetic factors that affect increase in height and this mostly involves what we eat.

This therefore means that you should try to avoid the use of caffeine, drugs, alcohol and steroids at all costs.

For you to reach the height you feel you will be comfortable in, it is vital not to overlook the great benefits that drinking plenty of water can bring.

  • Water helps remove toxins, improve metabolism and digestion and this brings positive outcomes as far as increasing body height is concerned.

4. Practice Good Posture at All Times

Tall Guy With Good PostureMost individuals have bad posture especially when using computers and other handheld devices.

Such a posture causes the spinal cord to bend and thus suppresses one’s height making them look shorter than they really are.

  • Good posture on the other hand causes the spine to straighten and this makes one look taller.

Therefore, it is important to always sit or walk upright in order to promote straightening and heightening of the spine.

Additionally, avoid using devices that make you to bend for a long period of time. Your pillow and mattress also play a big role in straightening your spine so make sure they are comfortable since they will also help you get good sleep.

5. Height Surgery

There are people who really want to increase their height but nothing has happened yet even with the use of natural remedies.

This procedure would can work for individuals whose height problem is genetic. This type of surgery involves lengthening of the limb bones to acquire the desired height.

  • A telescopic rod is inserted in between the tibia and fibula.
  • This procedure results in permanent height increase. However, it is expensive and one will have to be bedridden for a significant amount of time until they are fully recovered and can properly walk.

If you are so desperate and nothing seems to work for and you can afford this procedure, then go for it and boost your self confidence.

Let’s Summarize

Photo Of Guy In SuitThe above are tips on how to increase height naturally after 25 years because that is considered as the age when increase in height stops.

The remedies actually work if you follow them strictly and practice self discipline.

  • These tips also apply for individuals below 25 years who would wish to achieve their ideal height before they get to that age.

Acquiring overall height growth will boost your confidence and self-esteem as well.

In summary, to acquire natural height increase naturally will require you to get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, engage in exercises, practice good sitting and walking posture and if all this fail, you can opt for surgery to lengthen your limbs.

More importantly, try to stay away from caffeinated drinks, alcohol and drugs because they will make all the above pointless.

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