5 Easy Exercises To Increase Height – These Work Quickly!

Increasing height depends on the age of a person. The growth plates of the body are open till the age of 18 years.

Therefore, younger people and those in the very early adulthood stages can increase their height by doing some exercises that help grow some of the body muscles.

Below, we shall look at the top 5 exercises to increase height.

  • These exercises will help you stretch your body, making it more flexible.

Exercise For Height GrowthWhen high intensity stretching exercises are done, the bones and cartilages of the body grow. The amounts of Human Growth Hormones secreted also increases.

This combination of the exercises and hormones has a synergetic effect on the height.

The below mentioned exercises will help you work your upper and lower parts of the body.

They should be performed at least three times a week for best results.

1. Swimming

Swimming To Grow TallerSwimming is an excellent height boosting exercise to increase height after 20. This is because swimming requires a lot of stretching and reaching, which gradually increases height.

If you want to gain some extra height after 20 years, you need to practice swimming regularly and for long periods of time.

  • Try incorporating at least 1 to 2 hours of swimming into your daily routine for best results.

2. Touch Toes

Just as the name suggests, you simply need to bend and touch your toes! Doing toe-touching exercise twice a day can help you increase your height.

  • However, it is advised to combine the exercise with other warm-up exercises we shall discuss below.

Woman Doing Touch Toes StretchingThe exercise does not sound like much but it is very beneficial to the whole body as it stretches all your body muscles – especially the spine.

Plus, it boosts the production of your growth hormones.

This is a great exercise to increase height during puberty. If you are unable to touch your toes, no worries, simply stretch as far as you can.

  • Remember to hold the pose several seconds each time.

3. Hanging Exercises

Exercises That Make You Taller During PubertyThese exercises require you to hang down from a bar with your hands.

  • Hanging exercises stretches the whole body!

Without exercising gravity tends to adversely impact your height by compressing the spine and joints.

This in turn thins and squeezes the cartilage, making you appear shorter.

  • Hanging bars are perfect for resolving this issue. They make the weight of the lower torso stretch the spine, while at the same time decreasing the pull on the vertebrae.

This allows the spinal disc to retain more fluid, which results into strengthening and lengthening of the spine.

This exercise also affects the neck muscles where thyroid gland is located.

The stretching of neck muscles triggers the synthesis and release of growth hormones in the body, which in turn leads to height increase.

If you are flexible and strong enough, hang and bring both your legs up parallel to the bar. This creates a perfect stretch making hanging rods one of the best stretching exercises to increase height.

  • Remember to place the bar at a height, allowing your body enough room to stretch.

In case you are unable to fully stretch, you can bend your knees and hold that position as you hang freely. Try and keep your shoulders, arms, and hips as relaxed as possible, so that gravity can pull the body further.

4. Cobra Stretch

Best Stretching Exercises To Increase HeightThe cobra stretch is one of the best exercises to increase height after 25 years. It stretches your spine and elongates the body.

Just as the other exercises, the more you practice, the more you can open up the back and increase your height.

  • Start by lying on your stomach on a yoga mat.
  • Next, place your palms under your shoulders.
  • Finally, arch the back by raising your upper body to a full stretch – remember to keep your lower body flat on the floor.

5. Pelvic Shift

How To Increase Height After 23 Years Of AgeThis has to be one of the simplest exercises to increase height after 20. The exercise focuses on the lower body/ hips and the spine.

Start by lying flat on your back, palms out to your side.

Keeping your legs bent, slowly push the pelvic upwards.

Hold this pose for about 30 seconds.

Repeat for 5 to 10 minutes.

The exercise will help you increase height as it stretches the spine, and adds flexibility to your front hips.


Exercises To Increase Height At Any AgeThe above mentioned exercises are just some of the many exercises you can do on a regular basis to help increase your height.

Other exercises to help increase height include the Pilate Roll Over, Forward Spine Stretch, Forward Bend, and many more!

But the one key thing to remember is that you need adequate sleep.

Exercising without having the required sleep might not yield results. The growth hormone thickens and lengthens the bones during deep sleep.

Incorporate the above exercises to help increase height with the proper sleeping postures for proper growth. Deep sleep in conjunction with exercises will help you increase your height.

Start growing taller right now with this step-by-step blueprint…

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