3 Simple Exercises To Help You Grow Taller

Growing taller is a dream many people would love to fulfill and in a hurry too. Everyone who wants to increase their length are looking for the right secrets or tips on grow taller exercises that will help them to tower over others.

  • While being tall comes with its own ridicule (How is the weather up there) not many people are satisfied with their average or short height.

Exercises To Grow TallerThe one thing that depresses majority of the people especially teenagers is getting to see their friends growing taller while they are stuck at the same height.

An aspect that many people don’t quite realize, is that one’s height is determined by factors that many times are out of their control – in this case genes.

Regardless of that, there is a way that will allow one to grow taller. Below are how to grow taller exercises you need to know.

1: Stretching exercises

There are several grow taller stretching exercises that you can get to do at the comfort of your home or even at the gym. To ensure maximum results, start by sitting on an exercise mat with your legs stretched in front and your hands touching the feet.

If your hands are unable to come into contact with your feet, you can get as close as possible. Proceed to raise your torso while both arms are facing up.

  • This helps to stretch the lower spine therefore the right step to growing taller.

You need to maintain this pose for 50 to 60 seconds. Ensure that your body is stretched as much as possible.

You need to repeat the above stretching exercises for height to ensure the best results. You can add your own modifications to the exercises by incorporating leg stretches and others.

What are the benefits of stretching?

Having a chat with professional trainers will enable you to know that stretching workouts usually imitate conditions and exertions that are produced by other resistance workouts like weightlifting.

  • Unlike weight lifting, stretching helps to target the spine therefore lengthening it.

The best stretch exercise should include diverse routines that place your body in different positions. This allows your body to be more flexible as well as ensure fast growth rate for the bones.

  • To ensure the best results, you need to do the stretch exercises regularly which will help to add 2 to3 inches of height.

2.Yoga stretches

Yoga Stretches To Grow TallerYoga stretches can help you to increase your height easily. They help to create suppleness in the spine since your body will undergo different motions as well as controlled breathing.

  • The one thing you need to know is that breathing releases stress which tenses the muscles on your back. With stress gone, all growth obstacles will be removed.

A single grow taller yoga exercise you can do is the surya namaskar. As one of the how to grow taller exercises, it has been conducted for years.

Below are steps of doing it.

a. Start by standing in an erect position with your feet together and your palms on your chest.

This is Pranamasana. Proceed to inhale and stretch your arms over your head while the palms are joined. Arc your back and stretch your body. This is Hastauttanasana.

b. For the Padahastasana, start by exhaling and bending your body forward while ensuring your spine is straight.

Ensure your legs are perpendicular to the ground and then proceed to bend your knees. You need to touch the ground with your fingers.

c. For the Ashwa Sanchalanasana, start by inhaling, move your left leg backwards and gently drop your knee to the ground. The right knee should be folded and placed between your hands and make sure your chest is open.

  • You can improve your stretching by adding more poses like Parvatasana, Ashtanganamaskara, Bhujangasana, Parvatasana and Hastauttanasana. This will help you to complete the Surya Namaskar.

3. Cobra stretch

Stretching Exercises For HeightAs one of the how to grow taller exercises, cobra stretch is easy to perform.

Start by lying on your abdomen with hands settled under your shoulder.

Proceed to softly exhale and work your abdominal muscles in order to support the spinal column. Continue by thrusting your hips off the mat.

Straighten your torso and ensure your hips are steady. You need to remain in this position for 15 to 30 seconds. Proceed by smoothly lowering your upper body to the floor and stretch your spine as you do so.

  • Remember, if you experience any distress when performing the exercise, you need to stop and consult your doctor.

Final Thoughts

Growing taller than your friends and family members is a dream for many people. While genes play a vital role, there are exercises one can do in order to increase their height.

Examples of the how to grow taller exercises include cobra stretch, stretching exercises and yoga especially surya namaskar.

You need to know that the exercises will help to lengthen your lower spine as well as revealing stress from your body which tenses your muscles on the back. This acts as a barrier to growth.

Happy exercising and success in growing taller.

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